Tutorial – How to Change a Background Color in the Lightroom Template

1. Select “Print”  Panel and open and load template which color you want to change (don’t worry, it will not affect the initial template):

2. On the right side of  the screen/panel scroll down and find Page – and check (put check mark) next to Page Background Color.

3. Next to it, click on the small rectangle for the color and a color-mix (greyscale) window will pop=up:

4. Next click anywhere n the middle of that greyscale rectangle and you’ll see the left part “turning” colorful:

5.  Click anywhere on that newly appeared colorful column on the right and your rectangle will start showing all the colors.

6. Now select any color you want/need on the rectangle and finish your template setup.

7. Save. Publish. Enjoy!

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  1. I just love your site! It has been so helpful with a newbie like me! Thank you for all your tips and links!
    I was wondering if there is a way to put more of a textured background. Obviously solid colors look nice, but what about a crepe paper blue? Is that possible?

    1. Thank Alicia,
      yes, it is possible to put a textured digital paper on the background. tricky, but possible
      I’ll make a tutorial for that next week 🙂

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